Rosexxxy: A haven of sensuality and beauty, crafting designs that embody the allure and grace synonymous with global creativity.

By Jessica

About our brand

We are an Internet-based art studio that was established in HK in 2015. Initially, we had only three designers, but now we have over 50 professional graphic designers from around the world.
Most of our designers trust and collaborate with each other through the Internet. Over the years, we have been very happy to communicate and discuss with all workers online every time. Every design pattern has a story behind it.
One of our Canadian designers, Ethan , told us in the meeting: I have always been fond of designers, such as tattoos, pajamas, and toys. They are sexy, wild, and also the expression of people’s own hearts, this expression is like a girl telling her own story. I prefer using my inspiration to design each pattern, aiming to make it loved by people around the world so that they can enjoy the same fun as I do.

From Jessica

About our brand

Every moment of inspiration is worth celebrating!
Every online discussion is lively! Every sample polishing is a delight!
Many years of cooperation made us as close as family.
The trust between people is such a magic, like the thing between you and me!

From Jessica

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